Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rob Quote of the Day

Looks like the hunky guys from Twilight are gracing the pages of Cosmo Girl this month. Here's a little sample of their interview banter- Rob graces us once again with thoughts that I can only believe would come from his mind.

Q: Are you at all similar to your characters?

Kellan: Rob is definitely Edward. He's so complicated, so poetic... I mean, you cannot help but like this guy! I'd say I'm definitely the protector type. I have six brothers and one sister, and I got beaten up a lot because I was in the middle. But then I learned to defend myself.

Rob: Yeah, Kellan protects me all the time. It's like having a globe around me. Really, he's like a globe of protection!

This pic from the mag comes from lion_lamb website. I just may need to run out a get this mag for it.

1 enjoyed the bouquet.:

heatheryruth said...

ahhhh so precise and intelligent! We love you Rob! (that pic is yummy too!)