Monday, September 1, 2008

I know I am not really supposed to say this here,

but it is safe to say that I have been really disappointed with breaking dawn.

I know, I know, I *actually* haven't read it. but I think that I have heard and read plenty of synopsis to get the gist. And, to be honest, I don't plan on reading it. Because regardless of what people think, I really love the trilogy, and I don't want to ruin that love.

I was so excited for Breaking Dawn to come out, and after it did, I kind of decided that I couldn't give a shit about Twilight. Lets just be honest. I was so disappointed in what had happened, and where the story went, that I couldn't really love the books or even participate on the site anymore. I have missed my friends and felt apart from this community, but to be honest, I felt worn out. Like I couldn't give any more.

And then I read Midnight Sun.

I know that I say I am a Jacob fan. And I am. But I also Lurve Edward in Twilight. I love the mystery. I love the developing romance. I love how coy and perfect he is. How carefully he must have planned every single sentence. And reading Midnight Sun renewed my love for twilight. Its like we said our vows or something. Cause maybe I still can't post all the time, but i am committed to the books once again. I love the way that SM portrays Edward. i love his personality, and the way he tells his story. I love how he makes Bella seem better than she is through his eyes. It has made a huge impact, and, orchestrated or not, I am glad that Midnight Sun was "leaked." It has brought me back, and for this, I am greatful. Thank you.

Ps. tonight I wore "cullen" makeup. It was awesome.

talk to you soon. xoxo

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Erin said...

So agreed, Alison. While for me, BD didn't ruin the series (it wasn't my favorite, but I didn't hate it), Midnight Sun couldn't have come at a better time. I was just getting blah about the whole thing. I feel so renewed in my obsession, and I love it!

Jes said...

btw- you makeup was awesome.

And, YAY! I am so happy that you love Midnight Sun and Edward! Cause now I love Jacob too. All is right with the world.

Hilarie said...

I can't decide if the whole Midnight Sun thing was a perfect publicity stunt or not... I don't think Stephenie Meyer is that tricky or if she could be swayed to do it by her 'people' - whatever the case may be... it is PERFECTLY BRILLIANT!! From the first moment I started reading Midnight Sun I thought that she would completely redeem herself with the Breaking Dawn haters. :) It seems to be working! And I LOVE it!

And with that being said - I have no doubt that she will release the full Midnight Sun at some point. And I don't think it will be that far off... Just a prediction, but I hope I'm right! :)

Jill Berry said...

I need a Twilight pick-me-up too...I can't wait to get reading Midnight Sun now...

Maggie said...

I also needed a renewed obsession with Twilight. I have found myself thinking about it during classes, or basically any time I am not reading it!! It makes me fall in love with the series all over again! And I love love love hearing Edward fall for Bella just as she did for him.

I can understand where you are coming from Alison. I think maybe you should give BD a chance and read it! And if you don't like it, then we can find a way to erase your memory...haha. But I'm glad that MS has renewed your love! :)