Monday, September 22, 2008

Vampilla Ice...

Some Twilight fans came up with this brilliant idea to rewrite the Ice Ice Baby Tune... we really should have thought of this one!

Vampilla Ice (you can see a video of this song performed here)

All right stop, collaborate and listen
Bella’s back with a brand new vision
Edward, grabbed a hold of her tightly
bit like a vamp and now they’re up nightly
will they ever stop
a’hell no
step in the sun, and they’ll glow
to the extreme she locks her mind from the vandals
running through trees, now she’s gonna dazzle
vamps hit the ball and it booms
Jasper said, “I don't know they have brooms”
sexy, when he plays her his melody
sometimes you gotta be down with a felony
love it or leave it
you better stay away
down at first beach the wolves don't play
if it was a Cullen, Yo you’d know it
check out their eyes
golden color will show it

Ice Ice baby
Her skin is ice ice baby (x3)

Now that bellas a Cullen
with the venom kicked in, now the powers are rollin’
quick to the point, Emmett's strength she wastin’
eatin’ mountain lion like a pound of bacon
Now then, take you back to the first
Edward smelled Bella and he got a crazy thirst,
but he fought that, always rubbin’ his temples
mind over matter even though it wasn't simple
Rollin’ in his shiny volvo,
with the tinted windows so his skin don't glow
The weddings on stand by
Bellas ready to die
there's a lil’ somethin’ that she wanted to try
Kept on, pursuing no she wont stop
He said they’d try, but if he needed they would stop
The deal was made Yo
so we continue to, say I do, now the honeymoon
the weather was hot so she wouldn't be freezing
waves in the water, even though we didn't see any
jealous, cuz you know it was divine
stayed on the page cuz its about time
wakin’ with feathers in her hair
to the next room, bed and pillows beware
Edward said no more deal
bella was fine her bruises would heal
in the mornin’
bella was a hot mess
guess what
Edward is an Incubus

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...


Erin said...

AGHHHH. I love it. I should memorize and karaoke-rap it...

"Bella's eatin' mountain lion like a pound of bacon..." lol

heatheryruth said...

I know I saw this yesterday...It TOTALLY made me crack up!!! They were VERY clever with the re=write of the words!

Kari said...

This is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Whats next? 'Vampire time' by MC Hammer? 'Vampirian Rhapsody' by Queen? 'Killer' by Michael Jackson?