Saturday, September 27, 2008

Question of the Day (Weekend Edition)

Have you ever been drawn to something the way that Bella was drawn to Edward? I don't necessarily mean anything romantic; just something you felt as though you absolutely needed to know more about. Perhaps it has something more to do with a passion, a cause, a mystery, etc? Besides your Twilight obsession, of course! ;-)

15 enjoyed the bouquet.:

debra-- said...

Probably other than twilight... Harry Potter haha :)

Erin said...

Good call, Debra! :-) I'm thinking maybe this wasn't a great question, since it's so hard to answer. I don't know that I've ever been drawn to anything that compares to the magnetism that SM describes. Things I've been drawn to: music, Spanish (I studied it for a long time), teaching, etc. Boring answers. ;-)

Kari said...

Things I have been obsessed with:

1. X-Files
2. Computers
3. Animals Rights (uhm, like junior high)

Yeah. But nothing compares to Twilight, obvs.

alison said...

I can't name anything--the list would be way too long. I get eerily passionate/obsessed about tons of stuff. its kind of hard to explain/describe. Like a feeling that I couldn't live without it. But I am also flighty, so then I move on to my next big pash.

Pinkchan said...

mmm kind of embarrassed to said it but I´m an Otaku and my character is the obsessed compulsive type (except on the cleaning department), I dont seem to find rest untill I see the end of whatever is "in" for me, but at the same time I dont really forget my old obsessions. I still have my Sailor Moon Doll collection(the cardboard boxes in perfect conditon in a drawer in my closet in case I need to move)

Maggie said...

I've been thinking about this...These are a few obsessions I have had over my lifetime:
1. sharks - especially shark week on discovery, I live for it.
2. I used to be obsessed when dinosaurs when I was younger, and I still think they are awesome.
3. Cats - I just love them.
4. chewy candy, but not gum
5. clothes

Anonymous said...

Books. I'm a total boookworm. Space. I still want to know what happens if we would get pulled into a black hole.

That's about it, unless u count writing. I'll have a really good Idea, and next thing I no, I'm 17 pages into writing a story. I wonder if I still have that small snipet I copyed to move. It's just the prologue but anyways...

I sat there and watched the children playing in the field with their balloons that my younger brother had given them. The balloons were all different colors, and some of the children had drawn smiley faces on to them with markers. I had taken all this in, but my attention was focused on a group of three little girls. Two of them looked normal, one with a head of wild, bright orange hair, a blonde one with green eyes you could see a mile, but the third one was the one that had caught my attention. She had straight, raven black hair, which made her look out of place in the wild colors of the field, but her eyes are what really singled her out of the group. Her dark purple eyes.

Cool! it's still there. Give me your feedback pls! (I wont be back till Monday cause I'm grounded. I'm at a friends house though to write this.) ( I e-mailed it to her)


heatheryruth said...

Ya know....Twilight is really the FIRST thing to just totally DRAW me in! I've never gotten like this with other books or movies or series!

I was very DRAWN to my best friend when I first met her in college! She was just so fun and I just ALWAYS wanted to hang out it with her! Those are really the only things I've ever had that would be similar and even still aren't the same as the way they make the Bella/Edward draw out to be!!!

(*Side note- I am now the proud mother of THREE girls! Breeyn Marie was born on Sept 26th at 6:53 am, she weighed 6 lbs 15 0z and is 20 inches long! Mom and new baby are doing great!) Thanks for all the good thoughts and vibes!!

Erin said...

AGGHHHHHHH! Congrats, Heather! We are so excited for you! Can't wait to hear how things are going. That's awesome!

Erin said...

And Z~Z, your story sounds great!

Kari said...

Congrats Heather!! Wow, you must be doing great for already posting. I <3 her name too. Yay!

Z-Z, I love the beginning of your story. Do you have more?

Anonymous said...

I mentioned them before - but I am just as obsessed with J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood books as I am with Twilight. They are really the only two things I can think of.

Anonymous said...

I have many obsessions...
~Harry Potter
~being pregnant
~my cat Marley
~reality tv (how embarassing)
~General Hospital (possibly more embarassing)
~cross stitching
~books, books, books.
~ani difranco

Jes said...

obessesions? yes.

I do obsess over guys. I was captivated by my ex, especially when I first met him.
(also, harrison ford and sean astin)

other things:
1. Twilight
2. Soul Coughing
4. NASCAR (that's where I've been all weekend!)
3. Coach

alison said...

haha jes, at first I thought you meant coach, the tv show. I was like, uh... really???